Tasia Grant, PHR

Mindset Coach, TEDx Speaker, and a thought leader in the field of Human Resources, Tasia has been a speaker, panelist, facilitator, coach, and host at events for organizations such as the TEDx Ustreet Women’s Conference, National Black Chamber of Commerce, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., City of Atlanta, and the A Better Chance Program, to name a few.

With her decades of experience in Training and Development, organizational leaders relish her lasting impact on their teams. Her experiences as an HBCU graduate, a Black woman corporate leader, a Black Female Actor, and a Black mother, validate her as a credible authority to speak on addressing and overcoming Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion issues.

Lastly, Tasia’s successful and seamless transition from a lucrative corporate career to a full-time acting career; and her rebound and restoration after major traumatic life events, have earned the trust and confidence of her audiences, as she guides them through overcoming obstacles and discovering their gifts to take them to new levels.

Delivering energetic, compelling, relevant, thought-provoking, and action-driven presentations, Tasia is adaptive and responsive to in-person, virtual, and hybrid experiences’ unique needs.

Tasia Grant

Human Resources

  • Navigating the Impact of Organizational Generational Gaps on Your Workforce 
  • Practicing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Real Life
  • Stand Up!: Transitioning from a Leader in Theory to a Leader in Practice 
  • Understanding How Essential Your Company’s HR Function is to Your Branding 
  • To Be Remote or Not to Be Remote: That Is the Question 
  • The Balancing Game: Employee Relations that Speaks for the Company but Listens Out for the Employees

Personal & Professional Development

  • From the Rebuild to the Rebirth
  • What about that 10th Life? Keys to Persevering, Rebounding, and Thriving Despite the Odds
  • Breaking Through Systematic Roadblocks to Confidently Accelerate Personal and Professional Growth
  • Cultivating Your Potential: Leveraging Your Gifts for Elevated Success